Located in beautiful North Florida, we understand the need for great sun, bug and insect protection. At bughat™, our goal is to improve your ability to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities by providing stylish hats that protect heads and faces from all of the elements, including mosquitoes, bees, ticks, flies, midges and no-see-ums.

We do not use any pesticides on our hats. Instead, our hats include permanently attached mosquito netting in a concealed zippered pouch that you can deploy at any time. Our mosquito net hats provide you with instant protection when you need it…and great looking sun and rain protection as well.

You will also find that all our quality hats are solidly backed with a 30-day no-nonsense money back guarantee. We hope that you enjoy wearing your bughat for years to come and benefit from the protection from mother nature that our hats deliver.

We'd love to hear how you use your bughat and some of the exciting adventures you've experienced using your hats. Please email us at support@bughat.com and let us know.

Social Responsibility

At bughat™, we foster a culture that gives back to local and global communities through our pocketbooks and our actions. We do this by making philanthropy inherent in everything we do.

This past June, Bughat donated $1 for every hat purchased to Malaria No More. Each dollar donated to Malaria No More buys and delivers a malaria test and a full course of treatments for a child in Africa.