Fishing with my kids

by Team 8 Digital

I went fishing the other day with my kids.

Translation: I spent several hours on the water, hot after paddling against the wind while untangling lines, replacing hooks, putting worms on, taking fish off and generally keeping my two from 1) jumping out of the boat; 2) throwing each other out of the boat; 3) me throwing them both out of the boat.

I contemplated number three for a very long time, but explaining this to my wife would be very difficult.

I will say this much. There were two things that I did not have problems with:

1. The sun;

2. Bugs.

The reason is simple. My Bug Hat Boonie did a two-fold purpose. The wide brim kept the sun off of my back and face and the net kept bugs out of my eyes and mouth.

The best thing about my Bug Hat Boonie is the fact when I am done. All I have to do is unzip, pack the netting back into the top, and I am good to go until next time. In fact, when I got home I put the hat and netting back on to mow the yard. Again, I had no issues with bugs – except the two who wanted to go fishing again.

Hmmm….maybe Bug Hat should make “ear-hats” …

Until next time, keep the bugs out of your face. I will be fishing.