Who is Laughing Now?

by Team 8 Digital

Summertime is one of the finest times of the year, and in particular, the long days make for evening concerts. Most are put on by local bands and groups, and best of all, they are free.

There is a two-fold problem.

The gnat, of course, is a constant issue.

The other is we have had a very wet spring. Wet springs mean standing water; standing water means mosquito larvae.
Most of the people at the concert were swatting gnats and as the sun went down, mosquitoes.

I watched, sitting in silent glee, and reached to the top of my hat, unzipped, and pulled the netting down.

Some marveled at what I had done, more stared in silent disgust, a few chuckled. One or two asked me about my hat. I gave them the website.

Those who laughed, however, were not laughing as I sat watching the concert, not one time swatting bugs from my face. Who is laughing now, I ask?