The Gnat Has Returned!

by Team 8 Digital

I went walking today after I finished mowing the yard.

This may not sound like much, but the gnat has returned.

Remember the blog about the Yankee in S. Georgia? Yeah; it was just like that.

Anyway, I set to mowing my yard, and I worked up a good sweat. A good sweat is one of two things that gnats love. The other is carbon dioxide.

The entire time I was mowing, not a single gnat came in contact with my face.

I wrapped up my mowing, and before I put away my mower, I always blow it off. Since I was not on the mower, the gnats tried to assail me. Tried.

The entire time I was gnat free. It was almost magical.

I finished the mower, put it away and set out on my walk.

I added significant amounts of sweat, but the whole time, no gnats.

Just to be sure, I got back and played with my phone for a few minutes. Standing perfectly still, gnats were swarming around me, desperate.

I admit I had a very sadistic look on my face the entire time because I knew no gnat would touch me now or ever again. I could not help but laugh evilly in the face of my tiny assailant.

I love my Bughat.