Spring is finally here and the gnats and mosquitoes are HUNGRY!

by Team 8 Digital

Spring is finally here and it is time to get back out to your favorite outdoor activities such as gardening, hiking and fishing. Down here in Florida the gnats and mosquitoes are out in full force and it is definitely time to get out the ol' bughat™. Because the winter was so long and nasty this year, the mosquitoes and gnats appear to be extra hungry this year…so be careful.

For 2015, we have introduced two new bughats™, the Trailblazer bughat™ and the Work ’n Play bughat™. These hats were both designed from the ground up based on the wonderful feedback and suggestions that we have collected from our loyal customers over the past few years. One of our goals for both of these new hats was to make them great all-around all purpose hats…and not just mosquito protection. Our new fedora style Trailblazer bughat™ looks terrific on both men and woman, is super light weight and comes with SPF 50+ sun protection. This hat is perfect for the trail, for fishing or even in the garden.

Our new unisex Work ’n Play hats are the perfect gardening hat. They also work well for any outdoor activity where a wide brim would come in handy for extra sun protection. One highly requested new feature of these hats is the drawstring at the bottom of the mosquito net. Now you can keep those nasty mosquitoes and gnats from coming up underneath the netting.

We have also added a several new features to our already popular Traditional Boonie bughats™ including a chin strap to keep the hat on your head in windy conditions, SPF 50+ sun protection, and larger side vents for better air circulation.

We hope you have a wonderful start to your spring and don't let the bugs, bees and mosquitoes drive you crazy!